Monday, September 5, 2011

Things to be considered when you buying a car subwoofer

If you want your system to really boom, there isn't a substitute for a good amount of power. You should pay some attention to RMS rating of power and not the peak rating. The RMS ratings measure the continuous output of power and they are the much realistic measure compared peak ratings. Always be sure to match the sub-woofer's power handling to the amplifier's power output.

Sensitivity and power go hand in hand in order to achieve good quality sound output. A sub-woofer having a high sensitivity rating, needs less power in producing the same sound as a sub-woofer with a low sensitivity.

The enclosure in which a sub-woofer is mounted on has a great effect on the quality of sound that sub-woofer produces. In short, properly sealed boxes always give you deep and accurate while bandpass enclosures only produce a higher volume.

While typical sub-woofers have single voice coils, dual voice coil sub-woofers have two different voice coils, each having its connections and they are mounted on the same cylinder on one common cone. Dual voice coils sub-woofers are a popular choice among people who want more flexibility in wiring their car sound systems.

A question that never ends is what size of sub-woofers plays the loudest. Well, its not the easiest question, you must consider the enclosure type, sensitivity rating and the power available. If your goal is having a car sound system that plays loud and space is not an issue, choose the biggest sub-woofers but do not under estimate smaller sub-woofers. I hope these tips will help you to find perfect sub-woofers for your car.

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