Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guide to Car Audio Speaker Installation

car audio speakers

Speakers basically work when different set of air pressures are being created at different frequencies by moving back and forth. These speakers are considered an important component of home theater system used at home. The amplifier inside the radio produces electrical impulses that vary as per the fluctuations in (AC) voltages.

Speaker Sensitivity means how loud a speaker can be played. A higher Sensitivity rating means how loud the speaker will play. The various types of speakers are:

Front Speakers - By mounting speakers in front, the path between speakers and ears is minimized. Always try to point the speakers towards car center to minimize distance between right and left speakers to your ears.

Rear Speakers - Rear speakers should be used in such a way that they should not overpower front speakers. Of course one should be able to barely hear the rear speakers.

Center Channels - The purpose of the center channel is to make you feel the song at the center of the stage. There are various commercially available center-channel processors available with built-in amplification.

The speaker placement inside the car should be such as to get quality sound. Many ways are there to fit Car speakers into the car and get high quality sound.

For the home audio system, speakers are placed an equally distance apart from each other. It is a well-known fact that if they are equally distant then it can produce much better sound quality. To get that special effect the car audio speakers should be kept at the same distance apart. The speakers should be kept at some distance higher from the floor.

Distortion in the signal is responsible for destroying the speakers. Always try to minimize the volume if you hear the distortion. The use of high power amplifier helps the system volume to be higher and if volume is lowered there won’t be any distortion.

It is believed that car interiors can add spikes to speaker. It means that when one will add speakers to the car, the frequency response of speakers will change and also it will be high or low depending on the reflective surfaces of your car.

The most elaborate car stereo systems and competition vehicles have their speakers placed in alternative locations. All the auto and car stereo manufacturers should make sure that the door compartment and the dead space, or usable space should be maintained for convenient speaker mounting. One should always, try to match your speaker cone area with your subwoofer’s cone area.

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