Tuesday, July 26, 2011

McIntosh MDA5000: Advanced Mobile Digital to Analog Convertor

If you are looking for a digital to analog converter audio device McIntosh Labs have solution for you and its McIntosh MDA5000. It helps you to make your audio system perfect because McIntosh MDA5000 can provide performance that is sonically transparent and absolutely accurate – in a word, everything you want an external D/A to give you.

Below i have mention some good features -

  • HDCD® Decoder with 24 Bit 8 Times Over-Sampling Digital Filter
  • HDCD® Indicator
  • Selected Grade 24 Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter
  • Digital Interface Receiver
  • Two Coaxial and One Optical Digital Audio Input with Automatic Switching
  • Gold Plated Terminals
  • Superior Construction
  • Analog Audio Specifications
Get more details on McIntosh MDA5000 on their website.

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