Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Car Audio Amplifiers: Know How it Works

Sound is always a fascinating phenomenon. The sound waves produced never peter out; rather it ripples in the air. Scientists are researching over it. Man cannot heed very loud sound after specific decibel. Sound is nothing but a variation in the pressure of the air, which has an effect on your ears and brain. Therefore, every sound system needs an amplifier to increase the power signal of music system. Your car audio amplifier works the same.

What is an Audio Amplifier?

Often we come across the word amplifier and buffer, but we do not know what they mean exactly. An amplifier is a device used for increasing the power of audio signal. The main job of car amplifier is to deliver an amplified, signal to the loud speakers. The technology for this actually goes back over hundreds of years.

Generally, the word amplifier is used in reference of stereo components or musical equipments. Though this is a small representation of the range of audio amplifiers, there are actually many amplifiers around us. They are in televisions, computers, portable CD players and many of the other devices which have a speaker to produce sound. To maintain sound of your car audio and stereo system, you need car audio amplifier. This acts as the centerpiece to any state of the art sound system.

A car audio amplifier proceeds as the power source to your sound system. In technical terms, the amplifier modulates power generated from car battery. It is specified to your speaker's inputs will fully orchestrate your sound system with low bass beats and high frequency sounds. Any audio system that features sub woofers has at least one amplifier to provide enough power for the subwoofers to operate as designed.

A car amplifier is classified as mono, class D mono, or as a multi-channel amplifier, which includes 2-channel, 4-channel and 6-channel. Mono amplifiers are single-channel amplifiers designed for low-frequency reproduction. Class D mono amplifiers are the most efficient design of amplifiers since they use less current and as a result generate less heat relative to the classic design.

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