Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How Audio Devices Changed the Face of Entertainment

A major part of entertainment is dependent on the audio industry. And as the level of entertainment industry is growing with each passing day, audio industry is also going through some major tweaking, leaving listeners with lots of options of audio devices to choose from. Today, we will talk about home entertainment system that has evolved to a whole new level within the last few years.

Few years back a TV and a stereo system were considered enough on the name of home entertainment, but now there are so many devices available such as home theatre systems, DVD players, Blu-ray players, wireless speakers, and soundbars that define the home entertainment. So, let’s talk about the evolution journey of these devices.

Home Theater System

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Home entertainment system has come into existence with an idea of enhancing the sound of a TV. Its speakers can attach with a TV to provide a 360 degree surround sound experience. But, as the time is changing, new features are getting added in the home theater systems day by day. Now, the home theaters are not only about producing amazing audio, but they also started supporting the best videos with features like 4K resolution and 3D support. Now a home theater system can change your home into an ultra HD entertainment zone. The brands that are making a high impact in home theater segment are Sony, Panasonic etc.

Blu-ray players

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As everyone knows Blu-rays are CDs that support high-definition video than normal CDs, but the amazing new features in them will leave you amazed. Now Blu-ray players can act as a one stop solution for complete entertainment. New Blu-ray players can support different applications with Wi-Fi support. They can surprisingly upgrade the quality of audio and video with 4K video and high-resolution audio support. Not only with the functionality, but their looks have also upgraded a lot with sleek design and beautiful finish that adds to the beauty of your living room. Brands like Samsung and Panasonic are doing a lot of good in the segment of Blu-ray players.


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Soundbars are comparatively new additions in the listing of audio devices. The idea behind soundbars is to introduce a device that is sleek, consumes less space and yet provide an impressive surround sound experience. Some soundbars are also accompanied by wireless subwoofer to give that extra wow factor. Soundbars are pretty sleek, can be easily mounted on a wall and consume very less space, but the quality of sound they produce contradict their size. They produce perfectly loud, clear and balanced sound. These devices are hi-tech, provide wi-fi support, app support for different platforms, HDMI, USB inputs. These features of Soundbars are making them a favorite of users nowadays and to satisfy users’ needs, many big brands such as HEOS, Vizio have launched their soundbars in the market.

Wireless Speakers

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Wireless speakers also become a sensation in the audio industry. Wire and clutter free speakers that are highly portable, can be placed anywhere within the room and can stream music effectively with any music streaming app, they have made music playing an easy task. Wireless speakers have changed the connections from wired to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi giving freedom to the listeners to play their music anytime only by touching the screen of their mobile phones. Many big brands have launched their wireless devices to stay ahead in the competition such as HEOS, Sony etc.

All these are the devices of the new generation that are playing a major role in serving the requirements of modern listeners. These devices have truly changed the face of audio industry and entertainment. But, it is very sure that the evolution of audio devices doesn’t stop here, there are still many interesting devices to come that will further enhance this industry, we will keep an eye on them, until then stay entertained.

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