Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beginners Guide to Planning Multi Room Home Music Systems

What exactly you mean by multi room music system. These are also called as home music systems.  They simply need proper planning and installation so that these systems can offer best sound quality. You can get to listen to your favorite music and movie collection from any room even from kitchen, bathroom or swimming pool area. These systems have become quite popular among those who want to enjoy music at full pace.
These simple multi room system need speaker wires connected to one terminal to the others connected to two additional speakers in another room. 

Planning this multi room audio system needs certain steps to be followed which are mentioned here one by one:

  • Consider the number of rooms where you are planning to use this system. 
  • Simple two room systems just needs speaker switch to connect to receiver that too with additional speaker pairs. Proper use of AV receivers help your system to be connected to multi room for full sound quality.
  • The old music systems did not have the facility to listen to different music in each room. Now these new multi room audio systems have come up with this feature to listen to your favorite music wherever you and in the home.
  • Which all sources you can actually include there are satellite radio, CD, computer audio or music server, tape, etc. You can go further with other music sources depending upon your choice and cost of the system.
  • Ceiling or wall mount speakers: In wall, in ceiling or wall mount speakers are much preferred as they are grilled inside the wall and are not visible outside. It does require bit more of money and time as speaker installation needs that.
  • Choose wireless multi room systems rather than going for wired ones as they need less wiring and hence helps to use the available space properly.
  • You can use a CAT-5 wiring instead as it does distribute the unamplified level of signals properly from one to multi rooms that too without any interference.
  • Commonly used is the wi-fi technology which is used to get the best out of a home music system 

Hope the beginners who were unaware about the multi room systems now got to know exactly about them. Next time we will be discussing about the major brands which are manufacturing these systems

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