Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Multi Room Audio System- A Revolution in Home Entertainment

It was a sad period in time when people, in order to listen to music had to huddle in the same room to do so.  We've come a very far distance since then, and advances in the field of audio technology have succumbed to multi room audio systems, a true revolution in the industry! 

The concept is fairly basic.  Using a multi room sound system allows users to access and play their favorite tunes or alternative audio, in any room at the same time.  The multi room wireless speakers can be synced to play the same, or different songs at any given time. 

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The personal use of  this system is immediately clear.  In a family household of three, for instance, everyone probably has their own unique taste in music, as well as their own schedules.  At say 5:30 pm in the afternoon, mom may be in the living room working on a craft product- and she happens to love jazz.  At the same time, dad is in the kitchen making his famous spaghetti sauce to the twang of classic rock, while their son may be playing basketball in the backyard, and right now he’s into hip-hop.  A multi room speaker system allows this family to happily engage in their preferred form of entertainment- without having to purchase multiple audio devices.

On the flip side to that evening, it turns out that the family is expecting guests for a Friday night party.  Once everyone has arrived and eaten their full, it’s time to get the party started, and everyone knows that music is key in that endeavor.  With multi room speakers, a fun party mix can play cohesively throughout the house and backyard, instilling a great vibe and setting the tone for a joyous evening!

In another scenario, the same family also has younger children, who have to be put to bed far earlier than everyone else.  While the party goes on, they can set the speakers in the children’s room to serene music, or sound effects like white noise.  This will help drown out the noise from the party and provide a relaxing environment for the kids to sleep peacefully. 

Though the basic application seems quite clear, there are more, less obvious ways that the advent of multi room audio systems has created positive change. 

Music has long been widely reported to be a therapeutic aid.  A specific example of this has been proven amongst Alzheimer’s patients.  Listening to familiar music has been able to spark memories that in a patients mind have been long associated with certain songs.  Though the music is certainly not a cure, it has helped in enough cases that certain hospitals and retirement homes, like Cypress Springs Residence in Tulsa, Oklahoma, insist upon using multi room speaker systems.  The hope is that throughout the day, music which is strategically selected and played for patients can help increase their quality of life and trigger beloved memories. 

Truly, the potential surrounding the use of multi room speakers is vast.  The technology has only been available for a few short years, and the sensibilities surrounding ownership are quite clear!

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