Saturday, November 24, 2012

Insight into Reference Home Theater Systems

The Reference Home Theater System by McIntosh has been manufactured keeping in view the latest high end technology trends adopted in quality and design. Its seven-speaker array consists of front left and right tower speakers which support 40 tweeters and 6 woofers, with one center channel and surround speakers.  Its each speaker has own amplifier, with each of its front taking 2,000 watts of power and the four surround sound speakers, which are positioned in side and back with 1,200 watts of power each.

Manufacturing such an amazing system is like a dream come true. This dream has been brought to reality with the help of most creative engineering; which helps it to deliver a “LIVE” theatrics performance that too in the comfort of your home.   

The speakers in this Reference Home Theater Systems have been covered behind fabric walls on both sides of screen. One is at the center below; one on its sides and other in the back that too on each side the entrance. The speakers always contain 23 woofers which are also backed by two subwoofers. 

Also there are equipment racks in the back meant for placement of MX150 home theater processor, Blu-ray player, a turntable which uses the home theater amplifiers. These systems are up-to-date as they can help you to be in the comfort of home and are a true source of entertainment for all. These have been in much demand nowadays and are really gaining enough weight age.

Its picture and sound quality is quite good due to better transmission of signals.
It consists of professional grade XLR cables which help to avoid signal interference from the amplifiers to surround sound processor. As this whole system itself is a complete entertainment source so its proper care has to be taken in order to ensure proper audibility and soundproofing. 

This famous Reference Home Theater System along with other exclusive home theaters by McIntosh were recently displayed in the newly launched flagship AV Galleria store in Shanghai, China. This store in true words is evidence to the highest caliber of the high tech engineers who have put in their best efforts to make such amazing system. These home theater systems automatically grabs the viewers ‘or visitors attention. The presence of this store is McIntosh’s first standalone retail location in the world. It is truly a typical high end system present in the finest high end store. 

It consists of the following audio components: 

  • Two 1- Channel Amplifiers
  • Configurable Tube/Solid State/Controller
  • Home Theater Processors
  • 2-Channel Source
  • Home Theater Source
  • 2-Channel Home Theater Speakers
  • Power Conditioner
  • Two 2-Channel Home Theater Speakers

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