Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MX150 is Awesome with AV Control Center

The MX150 includes a USB jack but its purpose is not for playing digital media. The USB jack is used to provide a backup destination for all the MX150 user configuration settings. This is useful in the unlikely event that the MX150 needs to be reset. The processor also includes an Ethernet jack; however, it is not used to access digital media sources. The Ethernet jack provides access to a browser-based application which can be used to configure and control the MX150. You may also notice a compact flash card just under the Ethernet jack. This card is used to store all of the firmware for the MX150 and is used by dealers and McIntosh service personnel to update the MX150.

The rest of the connections on the MX150 are all used to control the processor or the components connected to the MX150. These connections help give the MX150 its name of A/V Control Center. The MX150 includes two McIntosh proprietary IR sensor inputs in addition to two standard IR inputs. There are eight data outputs that allow for the control of McIntosh components from the MX150 remote. There are also two additional data outputs that can be used to control other compatible equipment and amplifiers. The MX150 offers two trigger inputs, four trigger outputs, and two power control jacks which can be used to send power control signals to compatible equipment. The MX150 also includes an RS-232 jack which can be used to control the MX150 with an external control system.

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