Monday, May 7, 2012

Insight into McIntosh Systems

With a total of 1400 watts of power, the MC207 delivers all the explosive dynamics that high-performance home theater systems require. What's more, by incorporating McIntosh's Dynamic Power Management (DPM)TM circuit topology, the MC207 delivers full power into a wide variety of loudspeaker types.
McIntosh amplifiers, whether two-channel or multi-channel designs, and  are known for smooth, non-fatiguing sound, and the MC207 is no exception. Distortion remains below 0.005% across the entire 20-20,000 audio band at full power. Noise levels are vanishingly low, and seven balanced (XLR) input connections help prevent noise pickup in connecting cables from degrading the amplifier's low noise advantages.
Why should you buy a McIntosh amplifier? McIntosh amplifiers and car amplifiers  and home theater systems are designed to sound better and last longer than any other amplifier. They are beautifully hand crafted, using the best materials from a manufacturer that has been creating some of the finest audio equipment in the USA in Binghamton New York!

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