Monday, April 9, 2012

Quality Speaker Cables a Boon for Audio Systems

In response to the recent demand for speaker cables, a number of companies intend to produce or distribute new exotic cables which claim to improve the audio power transmission from amplifiers to speakers. Same is the scenario with the cables being used for car audio systems. The cables ensure that signal is transmitted from car amplifiers to car speakers without any distortion thus increasing overall efficiency of system.

In an ideal case the amplifiers should be so intimately coupled with the
car speakers, that the cable should not cause any power loss or distortion. Such a performance should be anticipated from a cable which does not have any resistance, inductance, or capacitance. 

It does not matter what exactly the cable type is, the effects that this cable introduces to a signal are proportional to its length. The shorter the cable length is, the more close the connection between amplifiers and speakers have.  The differences between cable types arise when length of cable increases and shrinks to zero as cable turns shorter.  The audio system owners whose amplifiers stand close to speakers need not to worry as compared to those whose cables are 50 feet long. 

The fatter and shorter the cable is it’s always better. Many people do want to know if cable length for entire system should be same. Of course systems can never be out of balance if the cable length is short or long but shorter is considered better as it minimizes signal degradation. Always prefer to have a spare cable in store. Do not stretch the cable too tight. To prevent such flaws, manufacturers have installed amplifiers within loudspeakers, to exchange speaker cable problems.

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