Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brief into 3 and 7 Channel Power Amplifiers

Since 1970, McIntosh has become the iconic symbol of all things good and high-end when it came to two-channel music. Let us discuss the 7 channel amplifier in detail. This is usually clad in a polished stainless steel chassis; this MC207 has a very nice traditional glass-covered black fa├žade. In fact, there are many modern things available on the face of MC207 with four small LEDs that glow red if MC207’s internal power guard protection circuits are activated. There is one control knob at left side of 7 channel amplifier watt meter which lights on and off. There is also a right knob which turns the MC207 either on or off. If one notice on the rear side of this 7 channel amplifier very keenly there are generally seven pairs of the five-way binding posts, out of which three pairs are on either side, a single pair at the center channel speaker resting in the center.

Now let us discuss what 3 channel amplifier is all about. Take for example MC303, which delivers power equivalent to 300 watts per channel. This 3 Channel Power Amplifiers with Auto formers can deliver its maximum rated output power into 2, 4, or 8 ohm loads for the lowest noise and distortion performance possible. There is a waveform comparison circuit that can continuously monitor both the input and output signals. There is Power Guard facility that dynamically adjusts the inputs to avoid any clipping and prevent the distortion caused by harsh sound. The Wattmeter response is used to show program peaks in order to stay within the power limits of your loudspeakers is easy. McIntosh Autoformer technology can deliver full rated amplifier output without any possible distortion into loudspeaker impedances of 2, 4, or 8 Ohms.

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