Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smallest Amplifier in McIntosh History

At CES, McIntosh being the legendary audio company introduced a special 50th Anniversary Limited Edition McIntosh MC275 tube power amplifiers. As per the updates received this amplifier with 75-watt x 2 MC275 was designed and engineered in 1961 by McIntosh co-founder Sidney Corderman and the McIntosh Engineering Team. It has been an object of desire for McIntosh aficionados ever since.

McIntosh has been able to hand out what is called one of the best press kit flash drives ever since in the history of CES.This is a miniature version of the MC275 with 4 GB of flash memory which is hidden inside on the output transformers. McIntosh said they have been building 275 of the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition MC275 Vacuum Tube Amplifier, and it's destined to be a highly sought after piece of gear. It is really not sure how many mini-MC275 flash drives

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