Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brief Introduction of Hi Fi System Types and Working

The word Hi-Fi system simply means where there is precise reproduction of wonderful sound and that too without any distortion or noise. Hi-Fi or high fidelity is the word used by home stereo and audio listeners and enthusiasts also called as audiophiles.
To know what exactly (Hi-Fi) high fidelity is we have go back to the history. It was later in sixties that the High Fidelity industry had grown to its fullest, but its demand started to dim after its conversion to stereo sound system. Also after that the transistor revolution came into existence. Ideally, such systems can eliminate noise and distortion, and give an accurate frequency response. Music enthusiasts or audiophiles can collect the home systems components with hifi stamp. These systems are incorporated by creating new ideas and devices. Hi-Fi speakers play a very important role in enhancing the quality of music. Also consumers have to choose the right speaker type to suit their specific HiFi music needs.
An ideal hifi setup includes CD players, digital audio tapes, digital audio broadcasting, an amp, pre amp, and home theater speakers. Many people try to connect to music servers, Wi-Fi equipment, TV set up, and DVD player. As compared to the cost of home theater systems the high fidelity system can be purchased at a reasonable price. It is not compulsory to purchase all the components of the high fidelity system at a time. This option in turn improves your hi-fi system and makes it easier and simpler. There was another major breakthrough in the audio industry with the production of innovative vacuum tube amplifiers which solved many problems.
In short there are three step work process in high fidelity systems which is the music source, the amplification of sound signals done by amplifiers and last but not the least the loud speakers which renew the amplified signals into sound. The playback tools included are DVD player, a CD player or TV.

The type of Hi Fi system is based on three kinds depending on their output power, design and functions. These are as follows :
• Midi Hi-Fi is made by accumulation of different elements like CD player and twin cassette player. These are very much flexible and easy to be utilized for.
• Mini Hi-Fi System, their elements are not as big as midi hi-fi systems and do require lesser place than Midi systems.
• Micro Hi-Fi systems are denser and its elements are built into a single component. Their output is minor and is mostly used at home. Its biggest advantage being precision quality and clarity.

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